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Memories are made at events.

Pixend shares photos with everyone in a moment


Photo or it never happened

Current photography solutions include having to stage photos with photographers, swiping wristbands prior to taking photos and getting cards and qr codes, to then later search for your photo. In all these cases there are multiple hoops you have to jump through to try and find and get your photos.

Imagine going to an event and meeting your idol, and immediately having photos of that moment being pushed to phone.

No more waiting or searching for photos of you

Pixend crowdsources and delivers photos of everyone directly to their smartphones.

Pixend crowdsourced photography

Using Pixend participants sign up in a 30 second signup process. From that point on any digital photo taken at the event can be pushed to your guest instantly.

Photos can be taken by a photo booth, Pro Photographer, Drone and also other guests.

Photos are pushed directly to peoples' phones so they can immediately post to social media, creating activation opportunities and social buzz.

Pixend Features

- Any digital photo can be pushed into the system - P2P delivery ensures guest privacy - Photos are delivered in full resolution. Up to 5MB - Logo can automatically be added to the image in real time - No special equipment needed, making this a cost effective solution - Can be up and running in hours. - Easy access to app store available


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