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Pixend for Tour Guides

You already know a pictures worth a thousand words. When you lead a group of tourists, you are not just showing them around, You are creating a magical experience for them which they will want to  cherish forever. Your current business is your best source of future business through referrals, and the perfect pictures will help them send you more when they tell their story back home. 

Pixend is a Social Photography app that will change the way you share memories. No more chasing your friends around begging them to send that perfect picture of you they took and forgot to share. By using Pixend, you’ll get every photo of you, and they get theirs.

Pixend is the safe and private way to share photos with your friends. ​

  • Facial scan photo stays private
  • Photos are transferred securely and privately, not through the social networks
  • Enjoy being in the moment without having to stop to send pics
  • Get all your photos in full resolution
  • You get all the pictures of you instantly, then decide what you want to do with them
  • Get great photos of you that aren’t selfies

Common Questions

Pixend is completely free for you and your guests to use. All you need to do is visit and download it 

Pixend is simple. Just download the app, register and start taking pics using the Pixend app. As long as they have Pixend, and their face is in the picture, they will automatically get a copy.

There are 3 primary advantages of Pixend over Whatsapp. 

  1. You don’t need to know the other persons phone number to send the image, Or even remember which picture to send to which number
  2. Pictures sent through Pixend come through in high resolution. Whatapp significantly reduces the quality.
  3. Transferring photos using Pixned is private, and not through the social media networks.  

Pixend is 100% Private. We don’t sell your data or share it with anyone. The photos you send belong to you and the recipient. No one else

It’s very simple. When someone books a tour with you, in the confirmation email you can just include a message sating that in order to make the most of the trip, you recommend they install Pixend, so they can receive their trip Pictures for free. You can then remind when the trip starts that they need Pixend installed to receive the pictures, and to take pictures using the Pixend camera so the rest of the group gets the relevant Images.